Saturday, July 12, 2008

Our Three Flavor Wedding

I got to be the blushing bride thrice over with my man.

First, a romantic Valentine's wedding in a lovely little chapel in Pennsylvania USA, witnessed by about 50 family and friends (including my Ma, Pa and Faith who flew from Malaysia to the US to give me away).

US Valentine Day Wedding

Three months later, halfway around the world in Malaysia, we had a joyous celebration with Christian, Chinese and Malay ceremonies, in the presence of 1000 family, friends and FRIM colleagues. Jess and Daniel put together an absolutely beautiful Wedding Slideshow for our Perkahwinan Tiga Rasa. (Photogs: Melvin, Daniel, Irwan and Sadat).

It was one of the happiest days of my life.

My beloved family worked days and nights to transform the bare Dewan Alwy into
a gorgeous wedding hall. Pic: Dining tables on both sides of the aisle leads to stage. On stage, a set of peachy organza-wrapped chairs for Chinese tea ceremony and pink pelamin with golden 'thrones' for Malay bersanding ceremony. Exquisite glittery backdrop centerstage. For more behind-the-scenes on how all this came together, here's Jess and Daniel's account 'Mountain man and jungle girl'

From badminton hall to Dream Wedding Venue

Spencer and I arrived a few hours before the wedding. I quickly did my hair and make up and changed while he put on his tuxedo.

We had a great time chatting with friends who arrived early.

UPM B.Sc. Pertanian '99 coursemates and kiddies.

We started with the Christian ceremony, where my Pa got to give me away second time. Reverend Lawrence Yap blessed our marriage and pronounced us husband and wife. Spencer kissed me on the cheek... twice!

Can I kiss again?

After the posy toss and cake cutting, was the Chinese Tea Ceremony. We served hot fragrant tea to Popo and Kung Kung and elders in the family in exchange for angpow red packets filled with $$$.

Chinese Tea Ceremony

After a quick costume change, we commenced the Malay bersanding ceremony. It was very festive with the kompang hand drum band, silat martial arts exponents and a troupe of my beloved Ento Unit colleagues, who doubled up as part of the welcoming committee complete with peachy outfits!

Looking good in pink... erm I mean 'salmon' :)

The merenjis ceremony was special, and I truly cherished that event... The beautiful pelamin was the perfect backdrop for countless photos taken with friends and family.

Can fan harder ah, hot la.

Here is the wedding slideshow with lots of photos of many of you who attended (you will need speakers to enjoy the Malay and English love songs that accompany the slideshow). Click on this link to view it: Wedding Slideshow

Here are some photos of all you lovely people.

FRIM colleagues (36 pics)

Church friends (16 pics)

School friends (11 pics)

Family (16 pics)

To all of you who sent your warm congratulations and well wishes...
To all who gave so generously...
To all who shared with us our most special day...
...a big, big, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts...


  1. Looked like a gorgeous wedding! Congratulation! True malaysian spirit.... Sorry we missed it. Wishing both of you a wonderful life together.
    Love, Hanee.

  2. Hi Grace,
    Congrats! Loved the photos and slideshow, really captures the memories. Looks like you had a blast, wish we could have been there with you but our thoughts, prayers, best wishes are with you.
    Lots of love,

  3. Alamaks Hanee and Mich! I now only noticed your congrats wishes!! Never too late! Thanks for the wonderful warm wishes and wish you could have been there too. xoxo Grace


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