Saturday, October 08, 2011

BBGS Reunion Class of '92: The Ones That Do Not Age

Quickie post! Am on Cloud 9, having just got back from a wonderful reunion for fifteen of us BBGS classmates Class of '92 (and kids!). Hosted by Evelyn Leong at the Go-To place for all your party needs - Party Moo Moo @ Solaris Dutamas.

Everyone literally looks the same! I can barely believe how ageless all you ladies are. In fact, in this pic, Stef looks eleven years old!

Stef looks 11 years old.

After a chow down of a hearty Malaysian spread, was the Cake Cutting Ceremony.

Everyone wants to help cut the cake :)

I had special ordered a chocolate cake from home-maker Lina, who is selling baked goodies to support her three young kids, and her husband who recent went for brain tumor surgery. The cake was beautifully piped with our BBGS badge. It was chocolatey and moist, not too sweet, with a semi-gooey choc ganache topping. Highly recommended, good price and good cause too (For info on ordering, Click Here Miralina's Cakes). 

Nisi Dominus Frustra. Such detailed and lovely piping. 

By the way, Party Moo Moo specializes in balloons - there are like a gazillion balloons of every imaginable design in this place. You can order a bouquet of helium balloons for anniversaries, birthdays, etc and delivery is free (I like!). Check out their website HERE

You even get to walk your horse and elephant balloon: 

Sue Ling walking a horse and elephant balloon

We all had fun 'balloon sculpturing' - twisting balloons into puppies, flowers and helicopters (advanced level one hehe). 

Beginner level balloon sculpturing 'How to Make a Sausage'.

Then it was time to put down some bones (on top of the RM20 we each banked in before the event). Fortunately we had accountants who helped calculate how to cover the costs from those who couldn't make it that day, etc etc. Each of us tambah RM43 more. Now, some of you may think it kinda steep, but I think it's all good because we got a comfy kid-friendly/safe place where we all could relax, mingle and catch up with each other for a few hours. 

Thank God for our Accountants, or else we would still be trying to figure out the costs right now.

Till we meet again - possibly next one at FRIM? :) Thanks Lai Ying for organizing, and for all of you who made it today, and who made it special...

For more pics check out my Facebook Album

Bye for now Party Moo Moo - see you again soon!

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