Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Oahu Hawaii for a Wedding: Day 7-10

Day 7: Pre wedding dinner and sick baby
Had my hands full taking care of poor sick baby Meili

We still managed to get out to the beach for a little bit.

 Pic below: Jungle girl with extreme bed head attacks mango

The pre wedding dinner, where the families of the bride and groom and the extended American family all met for our first dinner. 

Day 8: Wedding Day
The wedding wasn't until late afternoon so we spent some more time at the beach. Baby's worst day yet. Chest rattling cough and stuffy nose. Super clingy. The beach time was good for her though. 

The wedding

Bowing ceremony

(these pics were taken by Beth, youngmin's big sis). 

We had an incredible dinner at Roys Waikiki that night. I ate too much. 

Day 9: Sea Life Park
The families of the newlyweds left for Korea early morning, and the remaining American family got to hang out with the newlyweds for the day. 

We got six dolphin encounters at $65 (reg $120) thanks to our Makai card, and four admissions at $10 (reg $30). 

The kids, mom and newlyweds were happy about being able to interact with the dolphin. 

Day 10: Move to Kailua Rental
Dropped the family off at the airport for their trip back to pittsburgh brrrr. And checked out of waikiki gateway, checked into a lovely studio rental at Kailua. We got lucky with our flurry of last minute quote requests - were offered a week's stay for $580 all in and grabbed it. We cancelled our slightly pricier waikiki prince reservation for this. So glad to be out of waikiki. No more extra parking expense!

Pic below: yard with picnic table where we had some steak and salad for lunch. 

Kailua beach

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