Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Love Barbie: Filched my little sister's secret stash!

Last week I messaged Faith on Facebook.

Chair: Faith, do you have any Barbie and Ken dolls? I need them.
Faith: I don't have Ken. I have Snow White, Cinderella, bla bla bla
Chair: OK, I will collect from you next Sunday.
Faith: ??

On Sunday, my little sister obediently handed over a colorful suitcase.

Oooh... I wonder what treasures await me
inside this colorful suitcase?

I played it cool in front of her. Once I got back to my apartment, with trembling fingers
I unzipped the suitcase. Would she be in there? The One?

PHWOAARRRRR!! Barbie Mother Lode!!!!

In quick succession, I went through the dolls, becoming increasingly disheartened as potential candidates were cast aside. Not good enough.
Heap of discarded Barbies

Then. My heart skipped a beat as I laid eyes on her. Perfect!
The One
I have plans for you, my sweet....

Stayed tuned for true tales of the shenanigans she and I get embroiled in! (Update 18 Aug 2011: Here's our first venture!)


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  1. OMG!!! <3 it!! Me & faith used to play with them... I remembered I cut one of the Barbie Doll's hair saying it would grow back just like a normal girl.......... But it din't... and it never did :D Aww time's past so fast...
    P.S were there some barbie dolls without heads or a loose heads?? Perhaps we played too rough that time...
    Love your captions!!

  2. Hey Tiff, nice to see you here! No headless Barbies in there, but I was wondering about that poor Barbie with the weird fringe. It was YOU! And yes, time flies. Last time you and Faith played, and now it's my turn. :)


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