Monday, September 24, 2012

My White Valentine Wedding: Part Two

Note: This is continued from Part One (on how I nearly missed my own wedding).

The day of the wedding was a little... erm... chaotic.

The stately facade of the wedding venue belies the state of controlled chaos within

Mom and Dad, Ma and Pa, Jeff and Spencer were mostly downstairs in the church kitchen and dining area preparing food and decorating the reception venue.

Clockwise from top right: Mom laying out the reception decor; Ma putting together the salad; Pa taking photos of everything; Dad and Jeff taste-testing the lasagna.
The reception looked so beautiful. *sniffle*
The exquisite wedding cake made by Dolores Austin; Ring pillow bearing our engraved titanium rings; Stunning
decoration put together by my crafty Cousin Yoonie.

I was kept busy doing my bridesmaids' (Ariana, Faith and Courtney) make up.
Twenty minutes to the wedding march and I still hadn't changed into my wedding gown yet; Courtney had her hair
professionally styled!; Carver is not liking his bow tie.

Houston We Have a Problem
I was kept so busy in fact, that I didn't have enough time to finish my own make up. I got as far as slapping on some foundation and lipstick, and was applying shadow to my left eyelid, when I was called to 'Get Out There!' and do that walk up the aisle.

Oh dear.

I walked down the aisle with my left eye-shadowed and my right eye bare, a chalk-white face (no time to put blush on my cheeks) and looking generally disheveled. I didn't have time to straighten my hair so it was frizzy and all over the place. Of all the days to have a bad hair day.

Erm, maybe nobody will notice if I hide behind this veil.

The Ceremony
Fortunately, everything else went as rehearsed. My Pa handed me over to Spencer who was waiting up by the altar. Mom read a passage of scripture from the Bible.

Pastor Barbara led us in saying our vows.

I choked up just a bit while saying my part of the vows, looking into Spencer's eyes. Do. Not. Cry.

Then before I knew it, Spencer was lifting my veil back and kissing me. Did I just miss Pastor Howard's "And now I pronounce you man and wife"?  *blur*

Pastors Barbara and Howard Ravenstahl led us through the exchange of vows. 
Post Ceremony
Everyone was invited to partake of holy communion.

Then we all went downstairs for a Chinese Tea Ceremony. This was not very well rehearsed. Actually it wasn't planned at all. But I think everyone found it entertaining enough. Everyone seemed to be serving tea to everyone else, and red 'ang pow' packets of money randomly exchanged hands.

In a Chinese Tea Ceremony, the newlyweds serve tea to their elders in exchange for words of wisdom and red
packets. Then the newlyweds receive tea from the young 'uns and have to dole out red packets too. Clockwise from
top right: John and Janette Clark, David and Dorcas Lim, Ernie and Colleen Armor; and the Newlyweds bestowing
an 'ang pow' to Courtney.

The Food
Thanks to the efforts of Chef Jeff and Mom, the food was delicious and plentiful. No guest left hungry! The deer lasagna was hugely popular but it was good that Jeff also made beef lasagna and veg lasagna for those who did not fancy partaking of bambi.

The Entertainment
Jeff, who was also Spencer's Best Man, gave a heart-warming toast.

The entertainment for the night also included Spencer and I cutting the wedding cake and attempting (but only partly succeeding) to feed each other some of it. I am not posting any photos of that disaster hehe.

Spencer and I also entertained the guests with a dance. Spencer picked an extremely long Malay love song - he didn't realize it was soooo long. We shuffled around on the dance floor for six long, awkward minutes!

Please end. Please end.

After that first dance, everyone got down and partied hard. I can't imagine this sort of thing happening in my church in Malaysia Charis Christian Center.  :O

Dad with my Ma, tearing up the dance floor. Uncle E and Aunt Colleen giving stiff competition behind.

Father and daughter on the dance floor
Carver and I. 

Papa leading Mama in 'The Shuffle' . Wow it's getting hot in here hehe.

Jeff with his girls: Evangeline, Faith, Ariana and Courtney

Time flies when you're having fun and all too soon we were bidding our guests goodbye and safe travels. But not before we'd captured photos of us with each and every one of our guests who had made the time and effort to witness and share our happiness, and who gave so generously the lovely gifts that we treasure till this day. We love you all. Thanks so much for coming!

Photos were taken by Andy Mitchell and Papa. Videos (coming soon) taken by Damon Dlubak and Mark Dempster. Thank you!

xoxo Grace and Spencer

Next post: Honeymoon #1


  1. cute wedding pics :-)
    Really love the wedding cake..

    1. Thank you! That cake made by a family friend, tasted even better than it looked! We still keep it in our freezer and have a bite every anniversary!! :)

  2. Although you didn't finish your makeup completely but I still think you look naturally pretty. You have a nice set of wedding ceremony supplies. The decorations are simplet yet lovely and your cake looks delicious!:)

    1. Thank you for your kind compliments Kate! The wedding ceremony supplies were ordered online - we'll keep you in mind for future shopping trips - Love your website!


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