Sunday, June 20, 2004

Papa's Father's Day Dinner at the Pantai

No, it's not a beach resort...

Papa had an accident and is in hospital now. He was fixing the water tank at the Serdang house (rented out to UPM students), and as he walked across the roof beam, he slipped and fell through the ceiling to the floor below. Not far to fall, but on the way his left side hit the beam and he fractured the 6th to 9th ribs. Very drama, because the whole house full of the Chinese students who were springcleaning in preparation to move in.

When Mama called me I was at Popo's house preparing salad for the Father's Day BBQ gluttonfest, so after that I went to check him out - Pantai Hospital very close by only. After we confirmed the fracture and that he had to be warded for the night, then I went back to tell Popo and the rest. Then I packed a bunch of meats and other foods for his dinner. He polished off two lamb chops, two pork chops, Kungkung's Lo Ngap, chicken, fish, garlic bread, salad (organic one) and fruit.

Faith also helped to eat.

I also help.

Mama also help.

So we finished most of the food. Saved Aunt Josie's apple pie and Popo's soya bean drink for supper later.

Mama managed to confirm the soya bean drink wasn't too sweet by drinking half of it.

Halfway through, Popo and Kungkung and Kenneth came to visit and Popo will be making him some lunch tomorrow.

Kungkung sit down on the chair.

Popo sit down on the bed.

Kenneth stood around trying to look useful.

Then the phone rang, and it was Makro wanting to order something and Papa said he "ada hal" sekarang, so Mama will take care of it tomorrow. Wait lah, once the whole Taman Midah knows, and the church knows, problem - there will be 10 million people trying to visit him. That's why he decided to take the 2 in one room for $110/night, instead of the 4 in one room even though it was $65/night - because feel sorry for the other room mates kena kacau (disturb them).

Right now, the son of David, i.e., Justin, is attending to his father, while waiting for Mama to return with the essentials - towel, Bible, handphone charger, snacks, and what have you.

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